Who is Alan O’Mahony?

Alan O’Mahony is a renowned personal trainer, fitness and fat loss expert, former professional muay thai fighter and podcaster.

He specialises in helping busy men over 30 get in shape and rediscover the joy in training.

He’s made a name for himself as one of the premier trainers in the UK, recognising early in his career that the real needs of his client’s ran much deeper than training and meal plans.

Getting to the core of each of clients blockers and limiting beliefs has been the secret to his success.


00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

01.40 Alan on his early life

03.10 Alan on Cork and Ireland

04.10 Alan’s career plans

07.30 Dieting down to 3% body fat

09.50 Lessons from muay thai

13.00 Alan’s physical transformation

14.30 Alan on breaking his back

17.20 Alan’s physical transformation continued

19.40 Alan’s approach to training and diet

21.40 Alan’s style on working with clients

26.20 Weight loss advice

29.50 Alan’s views on the supplement industry

32.30 Alan on his 30 Day Challenge

38.20 Alan’s thought on meal prepping

39.50 What are some of the misconceptions about Alan?

42.50 Why does Alan think people hold themselves back?

46.30 Alan on addiction

47.30 Why does Alan think obesity is such a problem today?

51.30 Alan’s favourite social media platform?

54.30 Alan on his style of content

58.00 Alan on meditation, cold showers and Wim Hof method

1.03.20 Who is Alan?

1.06.00 Alan on his purpose

1.07.40 What does it mean to be a man?

1.13.10 Alan on his legacy

1.14.20 How does Alan define success?

1.17.00 What are Alan’s future plans?

1.18.50 Alan on the term ‘personal trainer’

1.20.40 Best piece of advice

1.21.20 Speaking to 20 year old self

1.23.00 What would 20 year old Alan think of Alan now?

1.25.00 Changing the world

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