This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Aleksander Vitkin.

Aleksander is an entrepreneur and creator and founder of Daily Business Hustle, an online community of young entrepreneurs. He’s coached hundreds of people to build their own six and seven figure businesses. He’s a speaker, a YouTuber, a blogger, a photographer, a world traveller and has interviewed highly successful people such as Joel Brown, Nick Kho, Gulliver Giles and Tai Lopez.

Aleksander is an extremely successful and astute business leader who has a refreshingly candid style. 

This is a must watch!

01.20 Aleksander’s background and early life
06.00 Daily Business Hustle
13.00 Upwork and outsourcing
18.30 It’s not all glamour
20.00 What does an ordinary day for Aleksander look like?
21.30 How has travelling shaped Aleksander’s worldview?
25.30 How much of Aleksander’s studies were relevant for business?
26.30 How would Aleksander change the current education model?
29.00 How does Aleksander manage stress and avoid burnout?
34.30 What does Aleksander do to unwind?
36.00 How does Aleksander decide when to move?
37.00 Does Aleksander not worry that his opinions will offend people?
41.00 Views on millennials?
45.00 Aleksanders social media strategy
47.30 What platforms does Aleksander like most?
48.30 Following vs return
51.00 What is Aleksander’s purpose?
52.00 How can other people find their purpose?
57.00 Where does Aleksander’s drive come from?
1.00.00 What are some of Aleksander’s success habits?
1.02.00 How does Aleksander define success?
1.03.00 What would Aleksander like his legacy to be?
1.04.00 What are some of Aleksander’s other goals?
1.04.50 Where does Aleksander see himself in 5 years?
1.05.50 Aleksander’s favourite books
1.08.00 Who or what inspires Aleksander?
1.10.00 What’s the best piece of advice Aleksander has received?
1.13.00 What would Aleksander say to his 20 year old self?
1.16.30 What would Aleksander change in the world?

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