Who is Andrew Dobbie?

Andrew Dobbie is the Founder and Managing Director of MadeBrave; a multi award-winning brand led creative agency based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, that makes brands bigger, bolder and stronger. 

Launched in 2012, he left his previous job with a two week old baby and just £1,000 of personal savings in the bank. Fast-forward to the present day and MadeBrave has grown to a team of 30 plus people with a client roster including the likes of Tennents, Magners, First Group, Medtronic, Vango and IBM; and partnerships with Google Digital Garage, TEDxGlasgow, Kiltwalk and Scottish EDGE.

In 2018, following the successful acquisition of Content Production Agency, Campfire, he established the BornOriginal Group, of which he’s CEO and Chairman. He also sits on the board of Park Circus, and TRC Media, he’s a Power of Youth Fellow, a Council Director at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, an Ambassador of The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, and most recently he’s the Founder and Co-Host of ‘Just A Chat With’ – a video podcast talking brand and creativity with inspiring people who love and live it.

His mission is to inspire creativity in everyone, believing that branding and marketing doesn’t need to be confusing, and he wants to help others bring their best ideas to life.


00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

02.20 Andrew’s early life

07.00 Andrew’s path into the creative industries

08.50 Andrew on his career vision and how it unfolded

15.20 Andrew on starting his own venture

21.00 How the name MadeBrave came about

25.00 Starting MadeBrave in 2012 as opposed to what it would be like now

27.00 Using social media and viral campaigns

31.10 Growing the business without funding

35.10 The growth and expansion of the brand

41.50 Andrew on the term ‘entrepreneur’

43.10 Starting a podcast

47.40 The biggest lesson Andrew has learned from his podcast

49.00 The one person Andrew would most like to have on his show

50.40 Andrew on his favourite brand

52.20 How to make a brand bigger, bolder and stronger

53.50 Andrew on his purpose

55.30 Andrew on his legacy

57.30 The long term plans for MadeBrave

1.02.30 Andrew on his life goals

1.06.10 Changing Scottish business culture

1.08.50 Andrew on gaining press and media coverage

1.11.30 How does Andrew define success?

1.12.10 Best piece of advice

1.13.40 Andrew on imposter syndrome

1.14.30 Why are we here?

1.17.00 Andrew on VR and augmented reality

1.19.40 Andrew on meditation

1.21.20 The pressure to scale a business

1.22.50 Speaking to 20 year old self

1.25.20 Changing the world

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