This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Angel Anderson.

Angel is an entrepreneur and Founder of Smarketing solutions, a company that provides sales and marketing solutions for businesses that are selling or want to sell online.

He’s a YouTuber, an Area Director of Toastmasters and has recently retired from the United States Air Force.

Angel talks about his fascinating background, business lessons, thoughts on success, purpose and legacy as well as sharing some great advice about social media marketing.

01.00 Angel’s background and upbringing
13.00 Learning a new language in a new country
15.30 Toastmasters and communication
18.00 Leaving the military and how it has influenced Angel
24.00 Angel on time management and productivity
30.00 Angel’s productivity advice
32.00 Angel on creating YouTube videos
37.50 What advice would Angel give to someone starting YouTube videos?
41.20 Angel’s business and motivation for producing content
49.00 Angel’s favourite social media platform
54.30 Angel’s plans for Smarketing Solutions
58.00 What is Angel’s purpose?
1.02.00 What would Angel like his legacy to be?
1.04.30 How does Angel define success?
1.07.00 Who or what inspired Angel?
1.10.00 What would Angel say to his 20 year old self?
1.12.00 If Angel could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?

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