Ben Coomber is a UK leading performance nutritionist, coach, educator, speaker, writer and multiple business owner.

Through his videos, blogs, social media channels, books and seminars, he inspires people to take charge of their health and nutrition, and empowers them with information to make that change. 

He’s the host of the UK’s number one rated health and fitness podcast, which is also top 10 in the world, and has interviewed the likes of Ben Greenfield, CT Fletcher, Elliott Hulse, Rhonda Patrick, Mike Dolce and James Haskell to name but a few.

He teaches personal trainers and coaches how to be the best coach possible via his online nutrition education program, Body Type Nutrition Academy, and he’s also the founder of Awesome Supplements, an innovative supplement brand that brings clarity to the confusing world of supplements. 

He’s written for major industry publications such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Train, MMA Uncaged and TSN, he speaks at major UK events such as Body Power, iFit, Fit Living UK, Be:Fit, SFN, BP Trade Show and MeFitPro, and has consulted and spoken for Sky TV, Twinings Tea, O2, multiple universities, independent and national gyms and numerous health brands.

00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.30 Ben’s early life and background

05.40 How did Ben maintain changes in his life?

08.00 What were Ben’s original ambitions and where is he now relative to this?

10.00 Juggling priorities

14.00 Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within experience

19.50 How does Ben feel about himself

20.40 Compared to his absolute best self, where is Ben at at the moment?

22.50 What does Ben do to manage or be aware of his ego?

26.10 Why is obesity such problem and what should be done to tackle it?

30.10 Where does the responsibility lie in terms of improving the situation?

32.30 What are some of the habits that have helped Ben get to where he is?

34.10 The hardest year of Ben’s life

38.20 Why did Ben choose to share this?

41.20 What does Ben do on bad days to lift himself up?

44.50 What does Ben’s training and diet look like?

48.00 Ben on his life purpose

49.10 What would Ben want his legacy to be?

49.40 What does Ben see himself doing in five years?

52.40 Best piece of advice

53.20 How does Ben define success?

55.00 If Ben could master any skill or habit, what would it be?

56.30 What would Ben say to his 20 year old self?

58.50 If Ben could have anyone’s physique, who’s would it be?

59.50 What would Ben change about the world?

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