This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Brian Morrison.

Brian is the Founder and Managing Director of BizSocial Enterprises, an organisation that aims to encourage local businesses and social enterprises to build relationships and trade with one other using the buy local model.

They run networking events, expos and training events across the country with some of the UK’s leading speakers and workshop facilitators and donates 25% of their profits to local community projects.

We discuss Brian’s early life, growing up in care, his battles with alcohol and how his experiences have led him to finding a deeper purpose in life.

A no holds barred conversation with an incredibly inspirational human being.

01.30 Brian’s background and early life

06.00 Brian’s initial experience of living in care

08.00 How long was Brian living in children’s homes?

12.20 How Brian found out about his father

16.00 When Brian began using alcohol?

18.00 What was the reason for using alcohol?

22.00 How long was Brian drinking daily?

22.50 What impact did alcohol have on Brian’s life?

27.30 How did Brian overcome his addiction?

41.15 What advice would Brian give to someone battling an alcohol addiction?

42.15 Does Brian think Brian alcohol should be legal?

44.30 What has Brian’s life been like since he became sober?

50.30 Getting involved in networking

52.20 What is it about networking Brian enjoys?

53.30 When did Brian decide to setup BizSocial?

55.15 What does a day in Brian’s life look like now?

1.00.30 Does Brian think the events in his life had to happen for him to find his purpose?

1.05.30 What is Brian’s purpose?

1.08.20 What would Brian like his legacy to be?

1.11.50 How does Brian define success?

1.12.40 What is the best piece of advice Brian ever received?

1.14.15 What would Brian say to his 20 year old self?


You can find Brian at: