Who is Chet Sandhu?

Chet Sandhu is a former international drug smuggler, author, renowned podcast guest and founder of Alpha CBD+

In November 1999 he was arrested at gunpoint in Alicante Airport and subsequently charged with smuggling the largest haul of black market steroids in Spanish history, valued at more than half a million dollars.

Sentenced to four and a half years in prison, his book ‘From King of Karachi to Lockdown in the Costa Del Crime’ chronicles his life and drug smuggling operation, and tells the story of how he rose to the top of the hierarchy inside Fontcalent, one of Europe’s toughest prisons, famed for its brutal conditions and high-profile inmates.

Today he spends his time growing his company Alpha CBD+, one of the newest and fastest growing independent retailers of premium cannabidiol products. His ultimate aim is to provide the UK and European market with the best quality CBD products at the most competitive prices.

Now committed to making a positive difference, he’s given emotional and financial support to orphans, people in poverty and the homeless, he’s carer to four snakes, two Argentine tegu and two tortoises, and his podcast episodes with past Inspired Edinburgh guests James English and Shaun Attwood have been seen nearly a million times.


00:00 Trailer

00:30 Introduction

03:50 How have things changed since Chet’s first podcast with James English?

06:30 How can Chet convince others he has changed?

07:00 Chet on his popularity

09:00 The interest in true crime today

10:40 What is it like in prison?

15:10 Chet on his early life

18:50 Chet growing up

25:30 How much has Chet healed from the trauma of his early life?

28:20 Chet on his relationship with his parents

30:20 Chet on thinking about the past and his future outlook

31:50 Chet’s early aspirations

33:00 Chet on strict parenting

34:30 Chet on Sikh culture

36:30 Chet on the caste system and being a Jat

42:00 Chet on Indian laws

45:30 Would Chet live in India?

45:50 Chet and the chip shop incident

48:00 Chet on his first crime

49:10 Did Chet think he would get caught for smuggling steroids?

50:20 What did he think would happen if he got caught?

51:10 Getting caught and the aftermath

52:20 When did Chet first take steroids?

53:30 Chet on his steroid cycles

54:20 How did Chet feel on steroids?

55:00 How did Chet manage the aggression/energy?

56:40 The classification of steroids

58:40 Chet’s training and diet

1:05:10 Dealing with confrontation and street fighting

1:07:40 How does Chet think others perceive him?

1:09:10 How did Alpha CBD+ come about?

1:12:20 The potential benefits of CBD oil

1:14:30 Chet’s thoughts on ‘Alpha’

1:15:30 Chet’s pets

1:18:30 Chet’s thoughts on zoos

1:21:10 Chet’s thoughts on death and God

1:23:10 How has Chet evolved throughout his life?

1:24:50 Chet’s caring side

1:25:30 Being happier in jail

1:27:20 Chet on purpose

1:30:00 Chet on his legacy

1:31:50 Chet on success

1:33:10 Why Chet helps other children

1:35:50 Best piece of advice

1:38:50 Dealing with haters

1:39:50 Speaking to 20 year old self

1:45:00 Changing the world

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