Our latest inspired guest is Col Gray.

One of Scotland’s most respected graphic and brand designers, Col is owner and head honcho of Pixels Ink, a comic book geek, a speaker and a YouTuber.

He has a passion for branding that is as big as his beard!

With 20 years’ experience under his signature baseball cap, he helps people rock their brand. By creating strong visual branding, combined with a solid brand strategy that has personality and vision, he helps Clark Kent’s become Supermen and Lois Lane’s become Superwomen!

We go deep on Col’s background and journey, branding and content marketing, as well as his thoughts on purpose, success and legacy.

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
01.10 Col’s favourite superhero
02.00 Col’s early life and background
08.45 Col’s career path
11.30 What is branding?
17.00 Good logo design
20.00 The process from Clark Kent to Superman
27.30 Dealing with perfectionism
35.00 Fiverr and Upwork disrupting logo design industry
45.30 The importance of content marketing
58.00 Speaking on camera
1.00.50 Col on his purpose
1.05.00 What would Col like his legacy to be?
1.06.40 How does Col define success?
1.11.00 Best piece of advice
1.14.40 What would Col say to his 20 year old self?
1.17.30 Col on his personal values
1.22.30 What would Col change in the world?
1.25.30 What superpower would Col have?

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