This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Croz Crossley.

Uncle Croz as he’s better know is The Mindset Technician. He helps businesses and individuals by teaching people how much power and control they have over their future. For more than 20 years he has studied human behaviour and how people seem to reprogram themselves for failure.

Croz is also an author, an actor, a speaker and in recent times has been mentor to UK’s number one motivational business speaker, Brad Burton.

This is a fascinating conversation that dives deep into human psychology, the importance of niching, the Law of Attraction, the personal development industry and relaxing.

We hope you enjoy it!

01.20 Who is Croz Crossley?

3.30 Croz’s background and journey

15.30 The importance of niching

19.20 Croz’s personal battles

29.30 How can people unlearn the bad habits they’ve been taught?

41.15 Croz’s thoughts on The Law of Attraction

44.15 Croz’s attitude towards money

47.45 Wealth is the perception of abundance

49.30 The worst day of your life

51.50 Croz’s views on the personal development industry

53.50 How to determine value

59.45 Trusting the messenger

1.05.30 How does Croz define success?

1.09.00 Croz’s purpose

1.14.10 Croz’s thoughts on legacy

1.18.45 Best piece of advice

1.22.30 Croz’s advice for his 20 year old self

1.23.15 What would Croz change about the world?

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