Daniel Euan Henderson is one of Scotland’s leading content creators and social media influencers with a pan-platform following of more than 2 million subscribers.

His speciality is positive, amusing and inspiring short form female friendly viral video content, covering everything from depression and anxiety to female periods, with the goal of empowering people to love themselves more.

He’s an entertainer, a world traveller; having traveled to some 20 countries in the past two years, and he recently became an uncle.

00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

02.20 Daniel’s early life

03.30 Daniel’s childhood aspirations

06.30 Daniel’s career path

08.00 How did content creation become Daniel’s focus?

09.10 What platform did Daniel start on?

12.30 How did Daniel’s style become his style?

14.40 Detractors and trolls

15.30 Why does Daniel think his content has been so popular?

16.40 The highs and lows

22.20 Negative people

23.50 Does Daniel delete negative comments?

26.10 Daniel’s content creation process

28.10 How does Daniel decide what to create?

30.00 What is it like when a video goes viral?

32.00 How important are views to Daniel?

34.50 Young people, anxiety, depression and social media

39.10 Casey Neistat and social media addiction

40.00 Daniel’s favourite social platform

42.00 New social media platforms

44.30 Daniel’s monetisation strategy

49.10 If Daniel woke up with zero followers, what’s the first thing her would do?

52.00 Personal development

55.00 Daniel’s favourite personal development resources

1.01.50 Daniel on his purpose

1.04.40 Daniel on legacy

1.08.50 Daniel on success

1.12.00 Daniel on meditation

1.14.30 Daniel on his future goals

1.16.00 Changing direction and the implications

1.21.00 Best piece of advice

1.24.30 What would Daniel say to his 15 year old self?

1.25.10 Changing the world

You can find Daniel Euan Henderson at: