This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Darren McGarvey.

Darren, better known by stage name Loki, is a Scottish rapper and hip hop recording artist, who has made regular media appearances as a social commentator. Through his music, writing and social media channels he addresses deprivation, issues in society and the need for greater community and social responsibility. He has released 17 self-funded musical releases since 2003 and is currently writing his first book.

Darren speaks in depth about his background, his personal battles and his shift in mindset over recent years. He shares his views on politics and social deprivation and talks about his latest album ‘Trigger Warning’ and his upcoming book ‘Poverty Safari’. 

An incredibly powerful and thought provoking interview that will seriously challenge your paradigms.

01.30 Darren’s background and growing up

04.30 What were Darren’s aspirations?

10.00 Darren’s thoughts on class and social mobility 

15.30 How has Darren developed his vocabulary?

21.00 The Righteous Mind and it’s impact on Darren

26.00 Where does Darren sit on the political spectrum?

31.30 Darren’s thoughts on improving social deprivation

37.00 How has Darren overcome addiction?

45.00 How can people escape a victim mentality?

52.00 What is Darren’s creative process?

57.30 Darren on his latest album ‘Trigger Warning’ and his book ‘Poverty Safari’

1.07.30 Crowdfunding and JK Rowling

1.15.50 Being authentic

1.19.00 What is Darren’s purpose?

1.34.00 What would Darren like his legacy to be?

1.38.50 How does Darren define success?

1.42.30 What would Darren say to his 20 year old self?

1.45.00 If Darren could change anything in the world what would it be and why?

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