This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have David C. Reilly.

David is an adventurer, a traveller and a disability sports and travel writer. He was born with cerebral palsy but has never let his disability prevent him from participating in outdoor pursuits, achieving his goals or fulfilling his potential. His work has been published in newspapers, magazines and online journals and he has also made appearances on national television and radio.

He now aims to inspire and motivate others through his writing and speaking. David talks openly about his background, education, outdoor pursuits and future goals as well as some of the challenges he has faced – truly inspirational.

01.20 David’s background and growing up
04.00 What was David’s education?
06.30 What did David do after school?
08.20 What was it like moving away from Edinburgh?
09.00 How did David attain his Masters when earlier teachers had written him off?
10.30 What kind of improvements would David like to see in education?
11.50 What sort of discrimination has David faced?
13.30 What is cerebral palsy?
16.00 What would David say to educate others about disability?
17.30 David’s career journey
20.00 What does David enjoy about the outdoors?
22.30 What are some of the obstacles David needs to negotiate?
25.15 What has David learned about himself while doing challenges?
26.50 What are some of the challenges David has done and what are his future plans?
29.00 How did David go about securing partnerships?
31.00 David on his social media
36.30 David on travelling
40.00 What does a day in David’s life look like?
42.00 What is David’s purpose?
43.30 What are David’s goals?
45.00 What would David like his legacy to be?
48.20 Who inspires David?
50.30 Best piece of advice David has received
52.00 What would David say to his 20 year old self?
54.00 What would David change about the world?

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