Who is Dr David Hamilton?

Dr David Hamilton is a bestselling author, international speaker, award winning columnist and educator.

With a PhD in organic chemistry and background in the pharmaceutical industry, he became inspired by the placebo effect and left to write books and teach people how to harness their mind and emotions to improve their health.

He’s since written 10 books including, ‘The Little Book of Kindness’, ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’, ‘I Heart Me’ and the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness’. 

In addition to writing a regular blog on his website and blogs for the US Huffington Post, he is the ‘Kindness Tsar’ for Psychologies Magazine; monthly columnist for Soul & Spirit Magazine and in 2016, he was voted ‘Best writer’ by readers of Kindred Spirit Magazine.

As well as appearances on the likes of Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’, in the UK, and ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ in the US, he starred in the award-winning documentary ‘HEAL – A film about the power of the mind’ featuring some of the world’s most highly regarded scientists and spiritual teachers.

Today he acts as an advocate for kindness and works passionately to help inspire a kinder world.


00:00 Trailer

00:30 Introduction

02:30 David’s early life

03:20 David’s career aspirations

06:00 David on doing his Phd

07:40 Working in the pharmaceutical industry

08:30 David’s views on the pharmaceutical industry

12:00 David on the placebo effect

13:40 Did David plan to focus his efforts purely on the placebo effect?

16:00 David’s early books

18:00 How does David come up with the content for his books and blogs?

19:30 How much time does David spend researching?

21:30 Destiny vs free will

25:30 Does David think some people have difficult lives for a reason (as in the soul’s journey)?

28:30 Does David think science will ever be able to prove this?

30:00 How did kindness become part of David’s work?

32:50 Why does David focus on kindness even though he knows it is a less popular topic?

35:30 Why does David think books on kindness are less popular?

39:50 Why does David think people aren’t kinder to themselves and others?

44:00 What does David need to do in order to be the best version of himself?

46:00 How does David know when he’s out of alignment?

55:30 How did David find out his dog Oscar had bone cancer?

58:30 The experience of Oscar passing over

1:01:00 What does David think happens when we pass?

1:03:30 How did David find out he was going to be part of the Netflix documentary Heal?

1:05:00 David speaks about his Personal Development Club

1:07:00 David’s goals for his Personal Development Club

1:09:00 David’s future plans

1:10:30 David’s revelations through maths

1:12:50 Science and spirituality

1:15:30 Division in society, politics and the media

1:20:00 David on his spiritual practices

1:22:40 David on his purpose

1:30:20 David on his legacy

1:31:10 How does David define success?

1:33:50 Best piece of advice

1:34:10 Speaking to 20 year old self

1:35:10 Does David believe in the idea of a multiverse?

1:36:30 Changing the world

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