This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Davy Hutton.

Davy is an entrepreneur, property expert and owner of Quicksale Property Auctions, the hardest hitting property company in the UK today. He’s had a string of award winning businesses and has appeared on television shows such as Restoration Man, Changing Rooms and Dragons Den. He’s also the owner of Law Castle on the West Coast of Scotland and can regularly be heard doing commercials on the radio in his trademark colourful style.

Davy reflects on his background, career journey, views on the world, technology, politics, corporations, society as well as his purpose and legacy. A seriously thought provoking interview with a truly fascinating man.

01.25 – Davy’s Background
05.30 – Young people growing up now vs when Davy was young
10.00 – How does Davy regulate his thoughts and manage anxiety
12.40 – Davy’s career journey
18.30 – Starting early pays dividends
21.50 – Davy’s take on being an entrepreneur
24.15 – How has fear played a part in Davy’s professional life
27.15 – Fear in other people’s lives
29.00 – Social media and the problems it’s creating
31.00 – Positive aspects of technology and change
34.00 – Long term projects and politics
37.20 – The danger with Donald Trump
40.00 – Protest votes, bank crashes, corporations and societies
50.00 – Davy’s political views
55.00 – The gap between wealth/poverty, social media and the news
1.01.00 – The way the media portrays politics
1.03.00 – Gordon Brown and George Osbourne
1.06.00 – The Banking Ponzi scheme
1.10.00 – Being aware of the outer world
1.11.30 – The kid that wanted to walk on the moon
1.18.00 – What are your ambitions?
1.20.00 – Embracing social media
1.24.00 – Technology and disruption
1.25.30 – Davy’s purpose
1.28.00 – Mala Zimetbaum and stimulating thought
1.31.00 – Davy’s legacy
1.34.30 – Davy’s definition of success
1.39.30 – Dressing and looking different
1.47.00 – Being open to stimulation
1.49.00 – The art of conversation 

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