Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Ekaterina Matveeva.

Ekaterina is the Founder of Amolingua, a company whose mission is to create a more connected, multi-lingual world.

She has been working on the concept of the secondary linguistic personality since 2009 and has organised international events like G20 exploring inter-cultural communication in business and politics.

She became the first Russian female memory sportsman exploring how mnemonics could help in language learning and in 2015 she founded EuropeOnline, now Amolingua, an EdTech Startup teaching people languages at an accelerated pace.

Her school was listed in CNBC’s top 20 startups in the world and she received the title of UK Business Woman 2015 by the Grad Factor.

This is a phenomenal interview with a incredibly inspirational woman.

01.20 Ekaterina’s background and education

16.00 Ekaterina’s qualifications

17.30 How has Ekaterina changed as she has gained more knowledge and qualifications?

19.30 How was Amolingua conceived and what does it mean?

21.20 CNBC top rated startup

27.30 How does Amolingua work, what are the mechanics of it?

30.00 How do you assess a students progress?

31.00 What does this mean for the future of education?

32.00 Does Ekaterina think she will work with educational institutions or disrupt them?

38.00 How important is it for people to know multiple languages?

42.45 What is language alter-ego?

45.00 What’s Ekaterina’s thinking and dreaming language?

48.30 What is Ekaterina’s purpose?

53.30 What would Ekaterina like her legacy to be?

55.30 How does Ekaterina define success?

56.45 Who or what inspires Ekaterina?

1.01.30 Ekaterina’s success secrets

1.06.30 Best advice ever received?

1.08.30 What’s Ekaterina’s best public speaking tip?

1.10.30 What would Ekaterina say to her 20 year old self?

1.12.30 If Ekaterina could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?

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