This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Evelyn McDonald.

Evelyn is the CEO of Scottish EDGE, a funding competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up and coming, innovative, high growth potential entrepreneurial talent. Scottish EDGE is supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland, The Hunter Foundation and the Scottish Government and winners to date have created more than 800 Scottish jobs, and generated in excess of £45m in turnover.

Evelyn is an extremely astute business leader who shares brilliant knowledge, experience and advice from her own personal journey and from working with world class entrepreneurs and business people.

01.20 Who is Evelyn McDonald?

11.00 What were Evelyn’s original aspirations?

12.00 Evelyn on being titled the ‘Queen of Scotland’

14.00 What does Evelyn’s role entail?

16.00 What are the plans to make Scottish EDGE sustainable?

19.00 How does Scottish EDGE work?

23.00 What do the judging panel look for?

25.00 What competitors should and shouldn’t do

27.30 How do people become more likeable?

28.30 Scottish EDGE success stories

31.30 Scottish mentality towards goals and success

34.00 When did Scotland become a global hub for entrepreneurship?

35.30 What does Scotland do well?

38.00 What are some of the things we could do better?

39.30 What does Evelyn think about the representation of women in Executive roles?

42.00 Is there anything Evelyn would have done differently in her career?

43.40 What does Evelyn think she would be doing were she not CEO of Scottish EDGE?

44.50 How does Evelyn define an entrepreneur?

46.00 How does the West coast of Scotland differ to the East?

48.30 What is Evelyn’s purpose?

51.00 What would Evelyn like her legacy to be?

52.00 How does Evelyn define success?

54.00 Who or what inspires Evelyn?

55.30 Where does Evelyn’s passion for business come from?

56.50 What is the best advice Evelyn has received?

59.00 What would Evelyn say to her 20 year old self?

1.01.30 What would Evelyn change about the world?

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