Garry Fraser is a BAFTA award winning film director, writer, producer, rapper, social entrepreneur and the founder of Wideo Media, an independent digital media social enterprise that uses creativity as a way to engage with the most hard to reach in society.

Renowned for his gritty, real life, urban documentaries, he caught the attention of industry professionals and after Trainspotting author, Irvine Welsh introduced him to Oscar winning Director, Danny Boyle, he was chosen as second unit director in the hit film T2 Trainspotting.

He won the New Talent Scottish BAFTA in the Factual category for his documentary ‘Everybody’s Child’, his short film ‘In 4 Life’ received an MTV award, and his self funded ‘Tolerance’ received an Outstanding Achievement Award from TSB bank and The Scottish Prison Service. 

His ability to create compelling narrative using powerful visuals and language based on his personal life experience, has led to him becoming one of Scotland’s most well-respected directors.

A hard-hitting and brutally honest conversation that covers Garry’s early life, addiction, recovery and journey through the world of film – astounding, compelling, and above all, truly inspirational.

00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

01.40 Garry’s background, early life and career path

03.00 Edinburgh – the AIDS capital of Europe

08.00 Garry’s experience with heroin

13.00 What needed to happen for Garry to change?

16.00 Dealing with stress

19.30 Dr Carl Hart – heroin withdrawal is like the flu

20.00 Heroin and the war on drugs

23.00 Have areas of poverty improved?

25.50 Working class hierarchies

27.50 What would Garry say to someone battling addiction

29.50 When did Garry first discover his passion for film?

34.50 When did Garry recognise that he had a talent with film?

38.00 Garry;s creative process

42.30 T2 Transporting and working with Danny Boyle

51.00 What was a bigger highlight, working on T2 Transporting or winning a BAFTA?

52.30 What makes truly great cinema?

54.00 How does Garry feel he has evolved as a person throughout his life?

56.30 What are Garry’s career goals and aspirations?

58.20 Parallels between Garry and Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey

59.50 Garry on his purpose

1.02.30 Garry on his legacy

1.03.00 How does Garry define success?

1.03.40 How would Garry describe his mindset?

1.09.40 Best piece of advice

1.11.30 Garry’s favourite film of all time

1.14.00 What would Garry say to his 20 year old self?

1.19.15 What would Garry change about the world?

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