This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Gavin Neate.

Gavin is a socially aware entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Neatebox, a proximity aware technology company finding innovative solutions for the enhancement of independent daily living for people dealing with reduced mobility. His aim is to be part of a movement that encourages a more inclusive society.

Gavin speaks about his journey from guide dog trainer to technology company CEO, meeting Richard Branson and his long term vision for his company. A remarkable person who is doing some truly incredible work!

01.30 Who is Gavin Neate?

10.00 Where does Gavin’s humility come from?

13.30 How did Gavin identify the need for Neatebox?

14.30 Where did Neatebox start?

16.50 What steps did Gavin take to bring his vision to reality?

18.00 What has been Gavin’s business journey?

22.30 Gavin’s LinkedIn picture with Richard Branson

26.00 What opportunities have come from it?

27.30 What are the three products Neatebox now offer?

39.30 What is the strategy for Neatebox to go global?

41.30 How has Gavin managed his emotions during his journey?

44.00 What have been some of Gavin’s high points?

46.30 What feedback have Neatebox’s products had?

50.30 Taking being able bodied for granted

52.00 What is the vision for Neatebox?

54.00 Gavin’s thought on Scotland and entrepreneurship

56.30 What is the role of an entrepreneur?

58.00 Had Gavin not founded Neatebox what would he be doing?

1.00.00 What is Gavin’s purpose?

1.02.00 What would Gavin like his legacy to be?

1.03.00 How does Gavin define success?

1.04.00 Who inspires Gavin?

1.05.30 What is the best piece of advice Gavin has received?

1.07.20 What would Gavin tell his 20 year old self?

1.08.20 What would Gavin change about the world?

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