This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Jack Robertson.

Jack is the singing sensation of Scotland. At age 12 he performed at the Forth 1 Awards where he shared the stage with Jason Donavan, Sharleen Spiteri, James Blunt, Alesha Dixon and The Stereophonics. A year later he won Festival4Stars and was hand-picked by Robin Gibb to sing at the BeeGees 50th Anniversary gig alongside Lulu, Bill Wyman and Beverly Knight. 

Jack’s soaring vocals and cutting edge sound have drawn favourable comparisons with Sam Smith and his cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Writing on The Wall’ has had well in excess of 100k YouTube views.

Most recently he released his second single ‘Enough’, he has featured on TV and in the press and he performed at the world’s first time travelling dance party, Hot Dub Time Machine.

Jack gives a fascinating insight into his journey as a singer, his views on the music industry today as well as his future ambitions. 

01.30 Jack’s background and growing up

02.50 Jack’s earliest memories of singing

04.30 How did Jack juggle school and singing together?

07.30 What is Jack’s style of music?

08.50 Which artists have had the biggest influence on Jack?

09.30 What is Jack’s latest song ‘Enough’ about and what inspired it?

10.30 How involved is Jack in the songwriting process?

12.30 Is there a rationale behind the date of releases?

15.30 How does Jack manage nerves?

16.50 How does Jack practice and refine his singing?

18.30 What are Jack’s thought’s on the music industry?

20.00 Jack’s views on haters

21.50 Jack’s social media management

23.20 Jack on YouTube and his Sam Smith cover

27.30 Jack on

29.30 Jack’s career highlights

31.30 What would Jack be doing if he wasn’t singing?

36.20 Jack on his purpose

38.45 What would Jack like his legacy to be?

40.00 What is the science of getting a number one hit?

41.20 What is Jack most grateful for?

43.30 What drives Jack?

46.15 How does Jack define success?

47.45 Who or what inspires Jack?

49.20 What does Jack see himself doing in 5 years?

50.00 The best piece of advice Jack has received

53.00 What advice would Jack give his 15 year old self?

55.20 What would Jack change in the world?


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