Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Jade Saab.

Jade is an entrepreneur and experienced HR consultant who has worked with clients ranging from small third sector organisations to large multinationals. He’s a speaker and a writer and he recently co-founded Reformer, an online magazine created by the need for greater equality, liberty, and diversity across the world.

A brilliant interview which covers a wide range of topics such as growing up in the Middle East, the media, parenting, millennials and Jade’s political views.

01:20 Background and upbringing

04:04  How did growing up in Lebanon shape Jade’s worldview?

05:30  How is Lebanon different from Scotland?

08:16  In what way has Jade faced generalizations about his culture?

10:30  Media in Lebanon and Middle East

17:30  About Reformer

22:58  The long term vision for Reformer

24:12  Politics always seems like as a top-down model, is the intention to try to get it more bottom-up?

28:46  How does Reformer get millennials engaged in the topic of Politics?

31:28   Jade’s political views

40:50   Whose responsibly is it to educate people about politics?

43:22  Jade’s views on entrepreneurship

50:00  What is Jade’s purpose?

1:03:15  Best piece of advice ever received?

1:08:00   If Jade could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?

You can find Reformer at: