James English is a podcaster, documentary maker, comedian, model and former star of Glasgow based reality TV show Glow.

His ‘Anything Goes Podcast’ features the hard hitting real-life stories of Sports People, Comedians, Actors, Criminals, Porn Stars, and Politicians as he explores topics from murder, depression and suicide, to sex, love, and comedy. In a short space of time, his show has been viewed and listened to across social media more than half a million times.

His latest documentary sees him sleep on the streets, in his hometown of Glasgow, for seven days and nights, bringing to light the desperation and tragedy of being ‘Homeless at Christmas’, and shows the plight and passion of people from both sides of the problem.

An incredibly powerful and inspiring conversation that has it all: growing up in Glasgow’s Possilpark, James’ personal battles with addiction, his experience on Glow, his future plans, spiritual awakening and transformation, purpose, legacy, and changing the world.

00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

01.30 James’ background, early life and career path

03.30 Gambling and addiction

05.00 What was Possilpark like?

06.40 Maintaining sanity

07.30 James’ career path

10.30 Hitting rock bottom

12.50 Spiritual awakening

15.10 What advice would James give to someone battling addiction?

16.00 Social media pros and cons

18.30 James’ feelings on death

20.30 James’ experience on Glow

24.30 Possibility of going into motivational speaking

28.40 James’ message resonating with others

30.30 The inspiration for starting the Anything Goes podcast

33.50 Why does James think people like his podcast?

38.15 Negative thought patterns

40.20 What is James’ vision for his podcast?

41.50 How did Homeless At Christmas come about?

47.00 Who does James think is responsible for helping homelessness?

49.00 James on his purpose

50.30 What are James’ plans over the next 5 years?

53.40 James on his legacy

59.00 James on success

1.02.00 Best advice received

1.05.30 What would James say to his 20 year old self?

1.08.10 Changing the world

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