Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is James Ketchell.

James, also known as ‘Captain Ketch’ is an adventurer, motivational speaker and author.

On 1st February 2014 he became the first and only person on the planet to have rowed the Atlantic, summitted Mount Everest and cycled round the world.

In 2015 he published his first book ‘The Ultimate Triathalon’. Bear Grylls said of it “As you read James’s story, you will begin to believe that you too could achieve the extrordinary”.

He’s received extensive coverage in the national media and the press and his blogs have appeared in magazines including Men’s Health and Sidetracked. He’s an ambassador for children’s charities Over The Wall and Kindled Spirit as well as The Scouts and he’s recently become a fully qualified gyrocopter pilot.
A hugely inspiring conversation that explores James’ background, overcoming adversity, his adventures and thoughts on his purpose and legacy.

If you need some inspiration in your life, look no further.

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
02.30 James’ early life and background
04.20 What did James think he would do in life?
07.50 At what stage did James believe he could achieve anything he wanted?
09.00 James’ motorcycle accident
12.40 The inspiration for rowing the Atlantic
15.20 The feeling when James completed the row
23.15 How did James go from rowing the Atlantic to climbing Everest?
29.50 What was climbing Everest like?
36.50 How did James prepare for the around the world cycle?
41.40 When did James decide to write a book?
46.30 What is James most proud of?
52.50 James on his purpose
56.50 What would James’ life look like if he had accomplished all of his goals?
59.00 What would James like his legacy to be?
1.00.00 Best piece of advice
1.02.20 James’ positive habits?
1.05.30 Who inspires James?
1.08.00 What is the biggest obstacle James has overcome?
1.11.40 What would James say to his younger self?
1.12.40 What would James change in the world?

You can find James at: