This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Jamie Denyer.

Jamie, also known as The Grief Preacher, is a TEDx, motivational, and inspirational speaker.

On 14th April 2012, at the age of 19, his beloved nephew Connor Saunders lost his life to a single punch. Jamie since founded ‘Connor’s Helping Hand’, an organisation through which he delivers workshops and talks at schools, universities, business exhibitions, networking events, young offender institutions and prisons, raising awareness of one punch murder in order educate others on the devastation it brings, and to prevent it from affecting as many families as possible.

This is a seriously powerful, thought provoking and moving interview.


02.30 Jamie’s background

03.50 What has influenced Jamie’s style?

05.40 Jamie’s career path

07.30 Paying it forward

13.15 Who was Connor Saunders?

15.20 What impact did losing Connor have?

21.30 How can any positivity be found in what happened?

26.15 How does Jamie deal with anger?

28.40 How has Jamie changed as a result of this?

33.00 What does Jamie think about protecting the murderers identity?

40.00 What is it like to be a young person growing up today?

43.30 What are some of the things Jamie is sharing in his talks?

45.15 Jamie’s speaking advice

47.50 Jamie on purpose

52.30 Jamie on his legacy

54.30 How does Jamie define success?

57.00 Best piece of advice

58.10 Advice to 20 year old self

59.45 Changing the world


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