Jason Auld is a two-time record breaking extreme unicyclist and a founding member of Team Voodoo, one of the world’s first extreme unicycling display teams. The team began in 2008 to promote the esoteric sport to the masses, and to make a sustainable living out of a passion for street unicycling and self expression through urban athleticism.

He’s performed internationally at high profile events such as the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, and the London 2012 Paralympic Games; he’s featured on the National Geographic channel, Blue Peter, Britain’s Got Talent, The Hour and CBBC’s ‘Officially Amazing’; he represented the sport in front of Prince Charles and Dame Kelly Holmes, and he’s been part of marketing campaigns with global brands including, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Samsung, Sky TV and CONVERSE.

He’s also appeared in the press, and on Sky News and BBC as a spokesperson, discussing his use of smart drug ‘Modafinil’, and he works regularly with schools, youth clubs and charities around the country to use the power of unicycling to promote and instil confidence, tenacity, concentration, self belief and self mastery.

00.00 Trailer

00.12 Introduction

02.20 Jason’s background

07.30 Jason’s earliest memory of unicycling

10.40 Making unicycling a career

14.20 Working with global brands

23.40 Social media and producing content

31.00 Jason’s favourite social media platform

33.10 Jason on Modafinil

37.30 Athletes, substance use and risks

41.40 Nootropics and controversy

44.10 Jason’s experiences with Modafinil

49.30 Advice to parents

52.00 Jason’s views on Scotland

57.00 Are Scottish people reserved?

1.01.10 Jason on his purpose

1.07.10 Jason on his legacy

1.14.30 Best advice received

1.19.20 What would Jason say to his 20 year old self?

1.27.40 Changing the world

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