Jimmy Naraine is an online entrepreneur, international speaker, bestselling course creator and adventurer.

He has more than 105,000 students from 194 countries enrolled in his courses on online learning platform Udemy, where he specialises in areas such as confidence, social skills, wealth creation and productivity. His straight talking approach and exceptional delivery has resulted in thousands of 5 star reviews and earned him the very first Udemy innovation award.

He’s been a digital nomad for over 5 years and has explored in excess of 72 countries while running his online ventures. He has featured in Entrepreneur and Business Insider and he regularly delivers keynotes at sell out conferences such as MindvalleyU, DNX, Nomad Cruise and 12minme. He is also the co-founder of Growth Masters – an invite only adventure Mastermind for ambitious entrepreneurs run across the globe in locations such as Bali, the Himalayas, the Canary Islands and Brazil.

His mission is to help millions of people destroy their limiting beliefs, tap into their true potential, and design their best lives.

00.00 Trailer
00.12 Introduction
03.00 Jimmy’s background
09.00 Jimmy’s career path
14.00 Becoming an entrepreneur
22.00 What inspired Jimmy to start making courses?
27.00 How did Jimmy’s course content become his course content?
30.00 Jimmy’s tips on confidence and productivity
41.30 What is Jimmy’s self-talk?
47.40 How does Jimmy think other people perceive him?
53.50 Jimmy on his purpose
1.01.00 Does Jimmy ever see himself living in one place?
1.05.50 Why does Jimmy travel?
1.08.30 Jimmy on cultural awareness
1.16.30 Jimmy on his legacy
1.21.00 Consciousness and the treatment of animals
1.26.50 Best piece of advice
1.29.20 What would Jimmy say to his 20 year old self?
1.33.30 When did Jimmy last cry?
1.43.00 Changing the world

You can find Jimmy Naraine at: