Our latest guest is Jojo Sutherland.

Jojo is a comedian, actor, writer, speaker and Founder of Gagtraders and Stand Up And Be Counted.

Jojo performs in comedy clubs worldwide where she is in demand for both her compere abilities and comedy routines.

She is regularly requested to support other comics on tour including Jenny Éclair, US Comic Louis Ramey, 4 poofs and a piano and Tom Stade and has been a TV Warm up artist for studio-based shows, which have included the BBC1 sitcom The Old Guys and Badults on BBC Three.

She’s a contributor to several publications including online magazine Standard Issue and has her own regular column in MADE magazine called Trust Jojo! In 2012 she co-wrote and performed a 6 part sketch show called “The Gates” which aired on BBC radio Scotland and in 2015 she starred in an online sitcom alongside Daniel Sloss and Tom Stade called M.U.F.F PRODUCTIONS.

Jojo speaks about her early years, her journey into acting and comedy, how having a brain haemorrhage has changed her outlook, as well as sharing her thoughts on success and legacy and her uniquely existentialist views on purpose. 

Entertaining from start to finish, this one is a lot of fun!

02.20 Jojo growing up

03.50 Studying and becoming an actor

07.20 Jojo’s career path

10.00 When did Jojo decide comedy would be her primary niche?

17.00 How did having a brain haemorrhage change Jojo’s priorities?

19.40 How would Jojo describe her style of comedy?

24.00 How does get into flow for comedy routines?

27.30 What does Jojo think makes a great comedian?

29.00 What do Jojo’s Stand Up And Be Counted workshops entail?

35.00 What is it like performing in the Edinburgh Festival?

37.00 Jojo talks about her upcoming schedule

39.00 Why is it important to laugh?

43.00 What does Jojo enjoy most about the work she does?

45.30 Jojo’s thoughts on purpose

49.50 Jojo on her legacy

50.45 How does Jojo define success?

52.00 What’s the best piece of advice Jojo has received?

53.00 Who has had the greatest influence on Jojo?

54.50 What would Jojo say to her 20 year old self?

56.40 What would Jojo change in the world?

You can find Jojo at: