This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Kirk Pickstone.

Kirk is a self proclaimed international dyslexic superhero who at 44 discovered he was dyslexic. His mission is now to change the perception of dyslexia and encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs. He is also a presenter, columnist, speaker, business mentor and host of the Duggystone radio show and podcast.

Kirk tells the emotional story of how he found of he was dyslexic, how he attained qualifications in spite of it, potential advantages to having dyslexia, how he would like it to be perceived in addition to his thoughts on success, purpose and legacy.

A brilliant interview with a truly inspirational individual. 

02.00 Kirk’s background and career
07.10 Dyslexia challenges during his career
10.00 How it went undiagnosed
13.00 Further education
15.00 How Kirk attained qualifications in spite of dyslexia
17.30 People in history with dyslexia
19.10 Possible advantages of being dyslexic
21.00 Are dyslexics predisposed entrepreneurs?
25.30 How would Kirk like dyslexia to be perceived?
32.00 Duggystone podcast and some of Kirk’s favourite podcasts
35.40 How Kirk got involved with 4Networking
43.15 Where does Kirk’s drive come from?
44.00 What is Kirk’s purpose? 
45.15 What would Kirk like his legacy to be? 
46.45 Kirk’s personal values
48.00 Kirk’s life philosophy
49.30 How does Kirk define success?
52.30 What inspires Kirk?
53.50 The best piece of advice Kirk has ever received
54.30 What are Kirk’s life goals
57.10 What kind of educational changes would Kirk like to see?
58.50 If Kirk could speak to his 20 year old self
59.55 Sliding door moments
1.01.15 If Kirk could change anything in the world

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