Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is Luke Robertson.

Luke is a record-breaking British explorer, adventurer and endurance athlete. In January 2016, aged 30, he became the youngest Brit and the first Scot to ski solo, unsupported and unassisted to the South Pole in Antarctica.

He also became the first person in history to ski to the South Pole with an artificial pacemaker which was implanted in 2008 and also the first to do so after undergoing brain surgery in 2014, required to remove a rare enterogenous cyst.

Luke is an ambassador for the Polar Academy and Marie Curie and has raised in excess of £70,000 for Marie Curie. He has also just completed the Marathon Des Sables and aims to be the first person to travel the length of Alaska in 2017.

A truly remarkable and inspirational person, this is one of my favourite interviews to date.

01.30 Early years and background
04.00 Discovering first health issues
06.30 Impact on mental wellbeing and mindset
08.00 Challenges, expeditions and the outdoors
11.00 Time line on adventures
12.30 Discovering second health issues
16.30 Luke’s reaction
20.00 Post operation attitude
23.30 Preparation for South Pole
26.00 How it felt getting to Antarctica
28.00 Dealing with isolation
31.30 Motivating yourself
33.00 Frostbite
35.30 Did Luke ever think about quitting?
38.00 On top of the bottom of the World
40.00 Sir Ranulph Fiennes support
42.30 TEDx talk about fear
46.00 Luke on following his passion
48.00 Events scheduled in 2017
51.00 Fund raising
55.30 Luke’s purpose
57.00 Luke’s legacy
58.30 Managing ego
1.00.00 Luke’s definition of success
1.02.00 Best advice ever received
1.03.00 Focusing on the things you can control
1.04.30 What Luke would tell his 20 year old self
1.06.30 What would Luke change in the World

You can find Luke at: