This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Mario Tomic.

Mario is a certified physique coach, public speaker, digital entrepreneur and a world traveler.

He is the founder of, a company that helps entrepreneurs, consultants, and executives reclaim their health, increase their energy, and reach their full physical potential.

Mario’s social media channels have more than 100,000 subscribers and his YouTube videos have over 8 million views.

Since 2012, Mario has traveled to over 45 countries and has coached hundreds of people both online and in-person. He is currently on his first world tour, organising fitness and self-development events in major cities around the world.

His mission is to empower people to regain control over their health, develop critical thinking, embrace the journey of self-improvement, and reach their full potential as human beings.

01.30 Mario’s background and upbringing
12.00 Mario’s career path
17.00 Mario’s physical transformation
21.30 What did Mario’s training and diet look like at that time?
24.00 Developing a personal brand
29.30 What are some of Mario’s biggest learnings from his research and video creation?
33.30 The importance of producing accurate content
34.30 When did Mario realise health and fitness was what he wanted to pursue?
37.00 When did Mario decide he wanted to travel?
40.00 How has travelling altered Mario’s worldview?
47.30 How has living a minimal changed Mario’s relationship with material possessions?
50.50 What are the things Mario concentrates his energies on?
53.00 How does Mario focus on staying present vs focusing on achieving bigger goals?
57.30 What does a day in the life of Mario look like?
1.04.30 What is Mario’s purpose?
1.06.30 What would Mario like his legacy to be?
1.08.00 How does Mario define success?
1.10.00 Who or what inspires Mario?
1.13.30 Why does Mario believe he has been successful?
1.16.30 What is the best piece of advice Mario has received?
1.18.30 What would Mario say to his 20 year old self?
1.20.00 What would Mario say to encourage people to overcome resistance?
1.24.00 What would Mario change in the world?

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