This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Mark Cooper.

Mark is a motivational speaker, ultra runner, expedition consultant and fundraiser. He originally took up running in 2007 to stop smoking and has since competed in countless events. 

In 2010 he completed an expedition across Europe where he ran 50 marathons in 56 days from Amsterdam to Barcelona in memory of his Mum, and raised over £30,000 for The Edinburgh Headway group. He was subsequently awarded the Inspiration award from Jog Scotland and received letters of support from ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former SNP Leader Alex Salmond.

Mark’s story is incredibly powerful and inspirational. He is someone who has followed his true passion to achieve unbelievable results.

A truly inspiring interview with a great person.

01.20 Mark’s background and early life

03.00 What was Mark’s career journey?

04.00 What impact did Mark losing his Mum have on him?

05.00 When did Mark start smoking?

05.50 When did Mark decide to stop?

08.30 The start of running

10.30 Buying a bike

13.00 Why does Mark enjoy pushing himself?

14.00 Running across Europe

19.40 How did Mark prepare for this?

25.00 Did Mark have any doubts?

33.15 What’s it like looking back on the experience?

34.00 How would Mark’s life be different had he never found running?

37.30 What do Maggie’s Centres do?

39.45 Why does Mark care about helping people?

42.45 Mark’s Nicorette commercial

45.30 What advice would Mark give to someone looking to break a habit?

46.45 Mark’s running in the past few years

54.50 Mark’s proudest moment

57.30 Mark on his purpose

58.20 Mark on legacy

59.00 What is Mark most grateful for?

1.00.30 How does Mark define success?

1.01.50 Who inspires Mark?

1.02.50 What are Mark’s bucket list goals?

1.04.20 Best piece of advice

1.05.30 What would Mark say to his 20 year old self?

1.07.30 What would Mark change in the world?

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