An inspired interview with Max Evans, talking about his journey from Scotland Rugby to Dancing on Ice.

Max is a Rugby Union player with international pedigree having won 44 caps for Scotland. He earned his first cap in 2008 against Canada and scored his first try in the 2009 Six Nations Championship match against Wales. In the past ten years he had 63 appearances for Glasgow Warriors and 60 for French club side Castres.

He’s also an adidas UK athlete and an ambassador for Wings For Life, a non-for-profit foundation dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury and funding world-class international research.

This is an amazing conversation that covers everything from Max’s background and sporting career, to the Law of Attraction and Max’s purpose in life.

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
02.20 Max’s early life and background
05.20 Being humble
07.50 We’re all energy
09.00 Max’s career path
14.20 Max reflecting on his career and The Law of Attraction
20.00 ‘The Secret’
21.30 Rugby – now vs then
26.00 Max on his injuries
29.00 Max on his brother Thom’s injury
34.00 A day in the life – diet and training
41.30 Going into the public eye
44.40 Concerns or apprehensions
45.40 How has Max evolved as a person?
49.50 Max on his purpose
51.00 Max on his legacy
52.20 What is Max most grateful for?
53.30 Max’s gratitude practice
57.20 How does Max define success?
1.01.20 Max’s current vision board
1.04.30 Best piece of advice
1.08.00 What would Max say to his 21 year old self?
1.10.30 Max on inspiration
1.14.45 What would Max change in the world
1.19.30 How would Max change if he won the lottery?

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