This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Maxwell Muir.

Max is the Founder of Action 4 Dogs, an organisation whose mission is to help owners understand their pets better so they can achieve a natural relationship and one without confrontation. He’s a fully certified dog trainer and delivers coaching, seminars and workshops throughout the UK. He’s lectured internationally on dog behaviour and is a sponsor of Labrador Retreiver Rescue Scotland.

Through his experiences, Max is broadening his focus to motivational speaking and personal development coaching.

Max talks openly about his background, the struggles he’s overcome and the wisdom he’s acquired from years of reading and assimilating knowledge from the personal development and self help industry.

This interview is extremely inspiring and reaffirms that we should all have the confidence and self belief to go after our goals.

01.30 Who is Maxwell Muir?
02.30 Max’s early life
05.00 What were Max’s aspirations growing up?
06.30 Max’s initial career journey
07.00 When did Max discover his passion for dogs?
08.30 Human and canine interaction
10.00 How do dogs think?
11.30 What are the main things Max helps dog owners with?
13.00 How difficult was it moving to entrepreneurship/self employment?
14.30 How much has working with dogs enabled Max to develop his speaking?
17.00 What are the topics Max plans to speak about?
18.30 What are some of Max’s personal battles?
21.00 What did Max do to overcome his limiting beliefs?
26.00 How does Max of today compare to the Max of old?
28.00 How would Max encourage others to improve themselves?
29.50 How far along is Max in terms of reaching his highest potential?
32.00 How important are concentration and focus?
34.50 Coming through trying times
39.30 Capitalising on personal experiences
45.00 When did Max become interested in personal development and self help
47.00 What sources of information does Max consume?
50.00 How does Max prepare for public speaking?
51.30 Who have been Max’s biggest influences in terms of public speaking?
56.00 What is Max’s purpose?
57.30 What would Max like his legacy to be?
59.30 How does Max hope to instil confidence in his Son?
1.01.30 How does Max define success?
1.05.30 What are some of Max’s success habits?
1.07.30 What are Max’s big goals and what would he like his life to look like?
1.11.00 Being criticised for having big goals
1.14.00 What is the best piece of advice Max has received?
1.16.30 What would Max say to his 20 year old self?
1.19.30 If Max could change anything in the world what would it be and why?

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