This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Michael Cockburn and Steve Jeans. 

Michael and Steve are the Founders of Shoal, a coworking platform that connects entrepreneurs at a deeper level through the sharing of spaces and resources on a global scale.

We talk about their backgrounds, business ventures, vision for Shoal, living in the Matrix, millennials, as well as purpose, legacy and success.

A highly entertaining and inspiring conversation with two extremely astute young business leaders.   

02.00 Who is Michael Cockburn?

04.50 Who is Steve Jeans?

07.45 How did their paths cross?

10.00 What is their first business Aura?

12.00 What is Shoal and how did it start?

19.30 Thoughts on co-working and starting a business

26.20 What is the big vision for Shoal?

30.50 What does entrepreneurship mean to Michael and Steve?

47.50 What do millennials want?

55.50 What is Steve’s purpose?

58.30 What is Michael’s purpose?

1.08.00 How do Michael and Steven define success?

1.11.50 What’s the best’s piece of advice they have ever received?

1.16.00 What would they like their legacies to be?

1.18.00 What would they change in the world?

1.21.30 What advice would Michael and Steve give to their younger self?


You can find Shoal at: