Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Mike McGrail.

Mike is the founder of Velocity Digital, a digital marketing consultancy that has worked with brands such as Skyscanner, Postcode Lottery, Mercat Tours and Float. He is also non-executive Director for Creative Edinburgh and in 2016 was working as Marketing Director for ed-tech startup Administrate.

Mike is also a speaker, a blogger, host of The Velocity Marketing Podcast and is alleged to have created teeth, trees and skiing!

We talk in depth about social media and marketing, the Edinburgh startup scene, overused words, Gary Vaynerchuck as well as Mike’s purpose, goals and legacy.

Mike is highly entertaining and refreshingly forthright in his views, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this interview.

Visit Mike’s website at www.velocitydigital.co.uk¬†and watch his talk at the Turing Festival in 2015 here