Mike Stevenson is the founder and Managing Director of Thinktastic, Scotland’s motivational communications agency that helps move organisations from ‘we can’t do it’ to ‘we can do anything’.

He is a multi award winning entrepreneur and one of the UK’s most sought after inspirational speakers and creative thinkers with an exceptional record of transforming organisational fortunes.

With more than 30 years’ top-level experience working with clients such as the NHS, Sky, Standard Life UK, University of Leeds, and The Scottish Government, his aim is to set the world alight with new ideas and fresh approaches that will lift people and make home, work and community life more fun, more inventive, and more productive.

‘Homeless to fearless’, ‘This man changes lives’.

00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.30 Mike’s background

07.20 Choosing to look at the positive

11.00 Mike’s career path

17.40 What does Thinktastic mean?

22.30 How can we create an environment where people want to go to work?

28.40 What is the vision for Thinktastic?

29.20 Does Mike advocate getting rid of job descriptions?

30.30 Mike’s views on Scotland

35.00 What makes a great speaker?

45.00 How has Mike evolved as a person throughout his life?

49.00 Mike on his purpose

52.40 What would Mike like his legacy to be?

53.20 Best piece of advice

55.00 What is Mike most grateful for?

56.30 Technicolour to monochrome

1.05.20 What would Mike say to his 20 year old self

1.08.40 Changing the world

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