This week’s guest is Mohammed Ali. 

Ali is a teenage tech sensation who started his first business at age 12. He created his own online game ‘Project 2006’, he started website business Flaming Sites and later setup the price comparision site WeNeed1 for which he were offered £5million from US investors. However, he declined the offer with the belief that it was worth more.

Ali talks about his background and how his skills have made him someone of value. He is forthright in his views, speaks up for what he believes and has a very, very bright future ahead of him.

01.30 Ali on growing up

02.00 Parental influences

02.30 How did Ali become interested in coding?

04.30 Could Ali have achieved his success without traditional education?

05.00 What were Ali’s career aspirations?

06.30 What is coding?

07.30 How did Ali learn how to code?

09.00 What involvement does Ali think the Government should have with education?

10.00 How many jobs has Ali had?

11.30 Is Ali active on social media?

13.30 Does Ali think issues with education are widespread?

15.00 What advice would Ali give to someone looking to get into coding?

17.00 Ali on WeNeed1

19.30 What was the rationale for turning down £5m?

21.00 How is technology going to change the world over the next 20 years?

23.30 What are the potential downsides?

24.50 What does Ali see himself doing in the next 5 years?

26.00 How can technology change homelessness?

27.20 How does Ali think he will change as he gets older?

28.20 What would Ali like to achieve in his life?

30.00 What do young people today want?

31.10 What are the threats to young people?

32.20 What is Ali’s purpose?

33.20 How would Ali like to be remembered?

34.30 If Ali could master any skill or habit what would it be?

35.20 What drives Ali?

40.30 How would Ali describe his personal values?

42.00 How does Ali define success?

43.30 How does Ali inspire himself?

45.30 Who are the people that have had the greatest influence on Ali?

47.30 What is the best piece of advice Ali has received?

48.30 What would Ali say to his 10 year old self?

49.30 What would Ali change about the world?

You can find Ali at: