Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is Paul McFadden.

Paul is an investor, mentor and co-founder of the ALG Property Academy.

He helps people who want to become full time property investors do so in 90 days or less.

Through his 12 month Property Protege programme he trains people how to raise unlimited finance, source property leads, develop a millionaire mindset and build seven figure property portfolios.

He also runs ALG Property Networking events throughout the UK that bring together like minded, driven individuals and guest speakers; he’s the co-host of ‘This Week In Property Podcast’, hard hitting real-talk on UK Property, and most recently the ‘Hardcore Property Podcast’.

Paul shares his story to date, what drives him, his vision for the future as well as an abundance of knowledge and success secrets.

Show Notes

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
01.50 Paul’s early life and background
08.10 Paul’s entrepreneurial mindset
12.20 Paul’s path into property
20.50 Going full time in property
28.40 Paul’s longer term business vision
38.50 What drives Paul?
42.40 Paul on Dan Pena
44.10 Paul on Dan’s Castle Seminar
48.15 Paul’s success habits
55.00 What is Paul most proud of?
56.15 Paul on his purpose
58.00 Paul on his legacy
1.01.00 Paul’s favourite personal development resources
1.04.45 What skill or habit would Paul master?
1.06.00 Best piece of advice
1.07.30 Paul’s bucket list
1.08.40 Paul’s life philosophy
1.10.10 Who has had the greatest influence on Paul?
1.11.00 What would Paul say to his 20 year old self?
1.12.50 Changing the world

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