This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Rebecca Bonnington.

Rebecca is a business and leadership coach who has coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the world. She specialises in team development, improving communication and business development training. She is also an NLP trainer and master practitioner, author of How To Outshine The Rest, and most recently a partner at the Shirlaws Group, a portfolio of companies who advise private enterprise on how to grow, fund or exit their business in order to enjoy their life’s work.

Rebecca discusses her early life in Manchester, moving to Edinburgh, discovering NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge on business and personal development.

01.20 Rebecca’s early life
02.00 Rebecca at University
03.00 What was Rebecca’s career path?
04.00 How did Rebecca end up moving to Edinburgh?
05.50 How did ‘Rebecca Inspires’ come about?
07.00 What is NLP?
08.20 How did NLP help Rebecca?
10.30 How has Rebecca used NLP to serve others?
13.00 What makes a good coach?
15.10 Why is emotional intelligence important?
17.20 Coaching a 9 year old
19.00 Working with Shirlaws
21.00 How do Shirlaws help businesses?
22.00 What does Rebecca like about Edinburgh?
23.00 Scotland’s pros and cons
26.00 Rebecca’s purpose
29.45 How others might find a purpose?
30.45 Rebecca on legacy
31.20 What is Rebecca most grateful for?
32.00 Rebecca’s thoughts on success
33.40 Who inspires Rebecca?
34.30 Rebecca’s life goals
35.20 Personal development resources
36.30 Best piece of advice
37.40 Advice to 20 year old self
38.20 What do Rebecca’s children teach her?
39.00 What would Rebecca change in the world?

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