This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Rob MacGillivray.

Rob is a Senior Humanitarian Advisor with Save The Children.

Described by colleagues as a “Humanitarian Warrior,” Rob has been an aid worker for over 30 years. Based in Ardrossan but deployed globally, he has led the charity’s response on Ebola in Sierra Leone, was the first on the ground organising the aid effort in Iraq, and most recently, initiated and led the team’s search and rescue response in the Mediterranean. 

He made it his mission to save as many refugees lives as possible and the search and rescue ship ‘Vos Hestia’ has rescued nearly 10,000 to date – an incredible achievement.

We discuss Rob’s background, how he became involved in humanitarian work, the psychological aspects of working in conflict and hot zones and so much more.

01.50 Who is Rob MacGillivray?

04.30 Who had the greatest influence on Rob growing up?

07.20 Rob’s desire to help people

09.00 How did Rob become involved with Save The Children?

14.15 What are conflict and hot zones like in reality?

21.30 Why does Rob put himself in such high risk situations?

23.50 How does Rob manage fear?

26.00 How has the work Rob does shaped his worldview?

28.00 Rob’s work in the Mediterranean

32.00 Being based in Ardrossan

33.30 How rescue missions are decided

34.30 Rob’s thoughts on war and conflict?

37.15 Why are so many people still living in poverty?

41.30 Rob’s views on charity CEO pay

44.50 The importance of aid

47.40 Rob’s thoughts on purpose

51.20 Focusing on helping others

53.30 Who or what inspires Rob?

55.15 Best piece of advice

56.10 Advice for 20 year old self

57.50 What is Rob most grateful for?

59.10 Changing the world


You can find Rob and Save The Children at: