Sandy Kennedy – Entrepreneurial Scotland

Our latest inspired guest is Sandy Kennedy.

Sandy is the Chief Executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland, an organisation that delivers world class programmes, manages a fast growing membership network and supports some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs.

He’s at the forefront of a movement to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

He’s on the Advisory Boards of The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, M.I.T REAP Scotland, Informatics Ventures and Scottish EDGE, and he’s on the Board of Social Investment Scotland.

This is a fascinating conversation with one of Scotland’s most prominent business leaders: entertaining and inspiring in equal measure!

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
01.15 Sandy’s early life and background
04.00 Sandy’s career aspirations
08.30 Was Sandy’s background beneficial for the work he now does?
10.50 How did Sandy end up becoming Chief Executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland?
18.00 Where did the vision to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world stem from?
21.15 How far have we progressed and what does the vision look like?
24.30 What role will Entrepreneurial Scotland play in this?
28.30 What can business leaders do to support this?
30.30 How has Sandy evolved as a person throughout his career?
34.50 Sandy on his purpose in life
37.20 In what way can Sandy be the best version of himself?
40.00 What would Sandy like his legacy to be?
44.15 Best piece of advice?
48.45 Does Sandy believe in fate?
50.50 What would Sandy say to his 20 year old self?
52.30 Changing the world

You can find Sandy at: