Our latest guest is Selby Cary.

Selby is the co-founder of Helping Hands Promotions, a promotional marketing business that puts social and environmental responsibilities first. They provide local cafes, coffee shops and retailers with free, branded, decompostable, hot beverage cups and donate a portion of their profits towards helping homeless people.

Selby won the Edinbugh Apprentice earlier in the year and his mission is to create a new social movement that sees all profitable organisations creating shared value and helping those around them. 

We go deep into Selby’s early life and growing up in Africa, homelessness and the Helping Hands mission, travelling and Selby’s philosophical thoughts.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this is for you!

01.30 Selby’s early life and background
03.30 In what ways does Zimbabwe differ to Edinburgh?
05.00 Unemployment rates in Zimbabwe
07.20 The Edinburgh Apprentice
11.00 What is Helping Hands and how does it work?
18.30 Helping Hands partnerships
22.40 Why does homelessness exist?
26.30 Should larger corporations take responsibility for homelessness?
30.30 Selby on travelling in the Far East
33.45 Where does Selby see himself in 5 years time?
36.45 What is Selby’s purpose?
40.15 What books and documentaries have inspired Selby?
45.40 What would Selby like his legacy to be?
47.50 How does Selby define success?
52.00 Best piece of advice
55.20 What would Selby say to his 15 year old self?
58.00 What would Selby change in the world?

You can find Selby at: