Shaun is one of Scotland’s leading vloggers having built a personal brand across multiple platforms.

His YouTube videos alone have had well in excess of 4 million views and his content has more than 100,000 monthly engagements. He vlogs about travel, adventure and lifestyle and has recently launched his own brand named in line with his ethos: ‘Adventure Everything’.

He’s also a social media marketer, copyrighter, content creator and strategist; working with brands to create content and develop a content strategy across channels including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Additionally, Shaun recently won a JCI Scotland Outstanding Young Person Of the Year award in the Culture category, and will be working with as an Ambassador with VisitScotland.

00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.30 Shaun’s background

02.50 Shaun as a youngster

03.50 Shaun’s career path

07.00 Moving into journalism

14.15 Starting vlogging

16.50 Idea generation for new content

18.20 The vlogging creation process

20.30 Fitting vlogging into a day

23.00 Monetisation and Patreon

25.50 Why do young people want to become vloggers?

27.50 What advice would Shaun give to someone looking to start vlogging?

28.50 What’s the closest Shaun has come to quitting?

33.50 Adventure Everything

37.10 What is the vision for Adventure Everything?

38.20 What is Shaun’s favourite social media platform?

40.00 If Shaun was to start from scratch today, what would he do?

41.15 Future trends on social media

43.30 What are so many people interested in the Scottish accent?

45.20 Shaun’s views on Scotland

47.30 What could we do better?

52.20 How has Shaun evolved throughout his life?

53.30 Shaun’s biggest perceived failure

56.00 Shaun on his purpose

57.50 What would Shaun like his legacy to be?

59.00 Shaun on success

1.01.20 What is Shaun most grateful for?

1.03.15 Best piece of advice

1.07.15 What would Shaun say to his 20 year old self?

1.09.20 What would Shaun change about the world?

You can find Shaun at: