This week we celebrate a half century of Inspired Edinburgh episodes with Tad Hargrave.

Tad is a speaker, author, coach and Founder of Marketing for Hippies.

For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada and beyond, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses to help them grow, without selling their souls.

In January 2014 he launched; a website dedicated to help conscious entrepreneurs figure out the difficult, yet vital question – “What is my niche?”.

He’s also co-founder of ‘The Local Good’, a hub that helps the people of Edmonton live a more local and green lifestyle, and his work has featured in magazines, journals, newspapers and nationally on the radio.

This is without question one our most powerful and consciousness-altering conversations to date – an absolute must watch!

00.00 Trailer
00.15 Introduction
01.30 Tad growing up
02.20 Were Tad’s parents hippies?
02.50 What does ‘conscious entrepreneur’ mean to Tad?
03.50 Tad’s career path
06.00 Tad’s political views
08.40 What does Tad teach people around money?
13.40 How can people market themselves better?
18.50 How can people find their niche?
25.50 What has been Tad’s approach to marketing himself?
30.50 ‘Pay what you can’ model
35.00 How is it not disappointing when Tad if underpaid?
38.20 What are the events or experiences that have made Tad how he is?
45.20 If we were to set up life on another planet and Tad was in charge, what would it look like?
48.30 What does Tad feel is his purpose?
52.50 Tad’s thoughts on his legacy
1.04.00 Best piece of advice
1.07.30 What would Tad say to his 20 year old self?
1.13.30 What would Tad change in the world?

You can find Tad at: