This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Tony Singh MBE. 

Tony is one of the UK’s best-loved celebrity chefs renowned for his lively personality and skill in designing quirky and delicious dishes. He’s starred in BBC2’s A Cook Abroad and the Incredible Spice Men as well as having regular appearances on The Great British Menu, Saturday Kitchen and Ready Steady Cook. He’s an award winning restauranteur, a previous winner of Scottish Chef of The Year, and was awarded an MBE in the 2017 Honours List for services to the food and drink industry, and also for his charity work. 

Tony’s humour and energy is palpable. He’s hugely passionate about Scotland and it’s produce and he talks in detail about his early life, career, high points and some of the main lessons e’s learned throughout his journey.

Buckle up for this one!

01.30 Tony’s early life and growing up

03.00 Tony’s education and career history

08.00 What were Tony’s aspirations growing up?

09.00 When did Tony discover his passion for cooking?

10.30 What are Tony’s favourite dishes?

11.00 How did Tony get involved with television?

13.00 Does Tony have any other plans to be on television?

13.50 How would Tony describe his cooking style?

14.50 What is the essence of good food?

15.50 What does a day in the life of Tony Singh look like?

17.20 How is Tony’s time divided?

18.00 Why is Tony ‘over’ fine dining?

19.30 How did Tony find out about his MBE?

22.30 How has the Sikh community changed in Edinburgh throughout Tony’s life?

23.15 How religious is Tony?

23.30 What are Tony’s views on the food industry in Scotland?

26.00 In what way could it be better?

28.00 What are some of the things Tony is doing in the local community?

28.50 What advice would Tony give to young people looking to get into the food industry?

30.00 What have been some of Tony’s biggest highlights?

31.00 How has Tony been so successful?

31.30 Who are the people that have influenced Tony?

32.00 What did Tony learn from them?

33.50 What would Tony have done if he hadn’t become a chef?

34.30 What is Tony’s purpose?

35.30 What would Tony like his legacy to be?

36.30 How does Tony define success?

37.00 Who and what inspires Tony?

37.30 What are Tony’s future plans?

39.50 What is the best piece of advice Tony has ever received?

40.50 What are Tony’s biggest learnings?

41.15 What would Tony tell his 20 year old self?

42.00 What would Tony change in the world?

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