This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Voices In The Dark.

Voices In The Dark is a podcast founded by Andrea (Dre) Domenichini and Jon Waterlow with a focus on ‘learning how to human’. They have been breaking down Robert Greene’s book The 48 Laws Of Power and discuss how understanding and implementing these Laws can enrich ones life personally, professionally and spiritually.

They have also done guest interviews with the likes of top body transformation coach Jamie Alderton and entrepreneur Peter Sage and have appeared on the Shredded Brainiac podcast with Ru Wikmann.

One of my favourite interviews to date, we go deep on a plethora of topics from the human experience, understanding people, psychedelics in relation to autism and depression as well as exploring the backgrounds of Dre and Jon. A fascinating conversation and a perfect way to utilise two hours!

You can find Voices In The Dark at: