This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have The Motivational Queen, Zoe Bennett.

Zoe is the Founder of Training Personified, an organisation that delivers workshops and mentoring to businesses to ensure that the customers, internal and external are provided with the best customer service at all times. She has won a number of international awards, is a humanitarian and a motivational speaker.

Zoe speaks about her background, her Father’s murder and personal struggles, how she has overcome difficulties in her life and shares incredibly powerful insights about life, business and the role her Father played in being an inspiration to her. 

An incredible and moving interview with an incredible human being.

01.00 Zoe’s early life and growing up
02.00 Zoe’s education
04.00 What were Zoe’s aspirations?
06.30 What did Zoe study?
08.30 When did Zoe’s entrepreneurial journey begin?
10.30 Why did her mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur?
13.00 The murder of Zoe’s father
21.30 Defamation of Country charge
28.00 When did Zoe start her motivational speaking career?
32.50 When did Zoe start her own business?
36.00 What would Zoe say to people who live in the belief that they will live forever?
37.00 What does a day in Zoe’s life look like?
41.30 Where does Zoe think organisations fall down on customer service?
42.30 What are some of Zoe’s high points?
44.00 What is Zoe’s purpose?
45.00 What would Zoe like her legacy to be?
48.00 Who inspires Zoe?
50.00 Would Zoe write a book about her story?
52.30 What is the best piece of advice Zoe has ever received?
53.30 What advice would Zoe give to someone who wants to go into speaking?
59.00 What would Zoe say to her 20 year old self?
1.00.00 If Zoe could change anything in the world, what would it be?

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